Mourinho even hinted that as long as the physical condition is not at 100%, Smalin do not want to go into battle for Manchester United Greg Pateryn Jersey. But Smalin himself did not think so Charlie Lindgren Jersey, he even last October Manchester United away to challenge the Chelsea Premier League as an example, to prove that he is absolutely Mourinho mouth that the kind of "timid rat". Local time Saturday, the England team will be in the World Cup European qualifier against Scotland, during the game Sima Lin in an interview with the British media reporter said: "Obviously, when Mourinho did not understand all of my injuries Details. Perhaps Mourinho thought that only when a player to determine the injury, he was eligible to get a rest, but it is clear that he was misunderstood, and when figured out all the problems, everything is better Frankly, I think any player can not be kept in a 100% health state, because you always have this or that problem Lars Eller Jersey.As long as possible, we are sure that these professional players are willing to play the game. Arsenal have just announced the signing of the defender Coras Naz, although the transfer market start to victory, but the player is not the gunmen in the transfer market, the only player to buy. This summer, Ozil is still possible to leave the team, therefore, Wenger also hope to introduce a creative midfielder to strengthen the team strength Montreal Canadiens Jersey Cheap, he fancy is J Luo.