Manchester United defender Smalin made it clear that his injury situation is very complex Bob Gainey Jersey, coach Mourinho did not fully understand this, so madman will think they did not pay for the team. In addition, Smalin also categorically said that if the time Rushford will become a master, because he has all the qualities of success. The most eye-catching battle is naturally "melon look", Guardiola 1 wins and 1 draw the upper hand Henri Richard Jersey. But Pepper two rounds face Kongdi are lost, although he also lost a 0-4, but in the second round of successful revenge Brendan Gallagher Jersey. Conti is the most "afraid" is the Klopp, 1 level 1 negative did not win, lose the warm grid lose the worst (0-3), that defeat led him to evolve, back 3-1 revenge, But at the end of the season FA Cup final, Conti still lost Brett Lernout Jersey. The other can control the iron handsome is Bosch Tino, the first leg of a guest 1-2 was reversed lost Unfortunately, the town of White Hart Lane ended the Blue 13 straight. Linde Luofu 22 years old, he joined in 2009 to join Benfica, B team experienced several seasons, Lindeloff from the 2015-16 season in Benfica a team played the main force. In the past season, Lindeloff for Benfica 46 played scored 1 goal, he followed the team to get the Portuguese super and the Portuguese Cup champion.