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Although there are Barcelona so giants

Le 14 June 2017, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

Although there are Barcelona so giants in the fight for Mailey to join, but he did not want to leave the Premiership. Leicester did not see the star as a non-sale item Lucas Lessio Jersey, but their asking price was as high as 50 million. For Chelsea, they needed a good measure because it was not a little money, given the need to buy Lukaku and Sang Droid Alex Galchenyuk Jersey, the Blues spending this summer will be easy to approach the 200 million mark. While Rooney is interested in the team of course there are many Andrew Shaw Jersey, including his old club Everton, as well as Stoke City, West Brom and Premier League newly promoted Newcastle, but they are unable to pay Rooney up to 12 million pounds of annual salary, while Rooney Also refused to pay to join the team. "Mirror" pointed out that this way, leaving Rooney's choice is running out, after all, can match the Manchester United salary club, and now only the super. And Rooney's another option is that if there is no super team to buy, he can stay in Manchester United to fulfill the last 2 years of the contract, and filled his 24 million pounds salary. In the occasion of the basic farewell to Manchester United, Mourinho must be in the new season to introduce new striker Alexei Emelin Jersey, but in Graceman refused to leave Atletico, Lucca library and then want to go back to Chelsea, Mora Tuo opportunity to join Big case, Manchester United is now in no hurry to sell Rooney, coupled with the lack of buyers (Super transfer window is not open), which is Rooney transfer has been no progress in the most important reason.

Manchester United defender Smalin made

Le 14 June 2017, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

Manchester United defender Smalin made it clear that his injury situation is very complex Bob Gainey Jersey, coach Mourinho did not fully understand this, so madman will think they did not pay for the team. In addition, Smalin also categorically said that if the time Rushford will become a master, because he has all the qualities of success. The most eye-catching battle is naturally "melon look", Guardiola 1 wins and 1 draw the upper hand Henri Richard Jersey. But Pepper two rounds face Kongdi are lost, although he also lost a 0-4, but in the second round of successful revenge Brendan Gallagher Jersey. Conti is the most "afraid" is the Klopp, 1 level 1 negative did not win, lose the warm grid lose the worst (0-3), that defeat led him to evolve, back 3-1 revenge, But at the end of the season FA Cup final, Conti still lost Brett Lernout Jersey. The other can control the iron handsome is Bosch Tino, the first leg of a guest 1-2 was reversed lost Unfortunately, the town of White Hart Lane ended the Blue 13 straight. Linde Luofu 22 years old, he joined in 2009 to join Benfica, B team experienced several seasons, Lindeloff from the 2015-16 season in Benfica a team played the main force. In the past season, Lindeloff for Benfica 46 played scored 1 goal, he followed the team to get the Portuguese super and the Portuguese Cup champion.

For the Smalin Serge Savard Jersey

Le 14 June 2017, 06:48 dans Humeurs 0

For the Smalin Serge Savard Jersey, Luke - Shaw, Phil - Jones, who often due to physical problems and unable to debut for Manchester United this fact, coach Mourinho is very dissatisfied, madman has repeatedly publicly criticized in front of media reporters This is a few England defender Jarred Tinordi Jersey. In Mourinho's view, these few defensive players lack enough courage, this is what they can not like other teammates as the most fundamental reason for the contribution of Manchester United. Bechuang in the North London derby to get 4 points, Wengnai could not him. In fact, the professor can be nothing more than really, was slag Shu double play, 1 level 1 a melon handsome, but it is worth celebrating the end of the official game against Mourinho numerous embarrassing record, at the same time the end of Manchester United 25 games unbeaten. Marshal duel in the worst record was undoubtedly Coleman, followed by the madman, 2 wins, 6 draws and 4 losses, only won the Conti and Bocetino, and he took more conservative tactics in the game Darren Dietz Jersey, possession rate is low Miserable, even if Paul is also subject to criticism Manny Malhotra Jersey. Premier League giants Arsenal also joined the battle to J Luo, the gunmen will be with Manchester United, Chelsea and other teams compete for the Real Madrid players, this operation shows the ambition of the gunmen, and in an interview, Wenger said he has been working hard Work, very hard to do some hidden work.

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